10 Signs That Tells You Your Partner Is Not Serious About Relationship

There is no need to stick to relationship if your partner is not reciprocating. However, it is not easy to find out how badly they want you as most of them tend to be good when they are around you. Here are some things that will help you in knowing how serious your partner is about the relationship.

Never specify anything.

They never give you a concrete ‘Yes’ or reveal a lot about their plans. They probably do it because they don’t see a future with you. They just hang around for their own benefits.

Spend time only when they have nothing else to do.

They try and hang around with you only when they have nothing better on their hands. Once they see something more exciting, they make excuses and disappear.

Love your singleness.

At every given opportunity, they talk down on marriage or courtship. They prefer to stay single and party hard rather then being committed to a single person.

He/she loves to live alone.

They love to stay alone and have their own personal space at the end of the day. They don’t like to be bother all the time and keep it to themselves.

Disappear for days.

There could be absolutely no exchange of texts or calls for days and you will have no idea what’s happening with them. They come back and behave as if nothing as happened which tells that you don’t make any difference to them.

Catch you without basics.

This could be tricky, they might be jealous of you are seeing somebody else, even though they are not serious about you, which might make you think.

Flirt with other girls in front of you.

They might take you for granted and flirt with others in front of you, as they are not really ‘committed’ to you. And that leaves them with an option to do whatever they want.

They do not give you your place.

You are not exclusive and have no specific role in their life. They just tell your name and introduce you to their friends and your relationship has no title.

The ‘we’ word doesn’t pop up.

They tend to use ‘you and me’ and never ‘we’. That should be it. It should be a clear sign and you should make a move instead of wasting your time.

Avoid love themes.

They try and change the topic when you open up about your love, feeling and future with him. It should act as a clear sign of what you should be expecting with that person.

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