Artists Convinces Ants To Complete Her Awesome Artworks

This artist surely knows how to take ants into confidence and get the work done. Making art is not an easy job as it requires a lot of dedication, patience, and skill.

But Iantha Naicker not only has the talent, but also the trick to win over ants who contribute to the illustrations. She uses tiny amounts of sugar to lure them onto her drawings. From a lion’s mane to a rhino’s tusks, the insects take the shape as required to complete the work.

She explained that ants are interesting and fascinating insects but capturing them on camera is not as easy as one tends to think.

She said: “It gets tricky because they move around quickly and I have to record as fast as I can.” A single picture takes multiple attempts to finally come up with the perfect shot.

Naicker obviously has a lot of patience to deal with these tiny creatures but the end results are all worth it. It gives her the edge over the other art work.

Not surprisingly, her Instagram account is filled with these amazing artworks and rightfully so. Well, there are not many out there who can think something out of the box. Hopefully, the ants play the perfect fiddle for all her future works.

Watch the video below:


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