Belgian Malinos Fails Being A Service Dog But The Internet Is Loving Him For A Reason

A puppy was desperate of becoming a service dog but unfortunately he failed eventually. Belgian Malinois has however taken the internet by storm.

Ryker is eager to impress his human has become an internet sensation after a video was posted by Double H Canine Training Academy in which he was seen doing his best to become a service dog. Though, he couldn’t make the cut, the trainers decided that they should just let him have some fun.

Once the video went viral, people just started loving him and now they can’t have enough of Ryker. Some have even volunteered to take him in.

“Maybe not a service dog for the disabled but an awesome best friend for someone who is mobile and active… and has no personal belongings and plenty of liability insurance. And sleeps with one eye open…. and doesn’t own a fridge,” one comment read.

“With that toy drive and enthusiasm maybe he would be suited as a drug and enthusiasm maybe he would be suited as a drug dog or police K-9. Looks like a sweetheart that really wants to please!” another said.

Some even imagined him being the president. Looks like Ryker has some serious fan following.

Sadly, those who were looking to adopt Ryker to be their not-service dog, the pup already has an owner. He lives with trainer Zach Janes and is a very good family dog. It has also been revealed that Ryker has found his calling. Janes said that he completed bomb detection and protection training.

Watch the hilarious video below:


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