Boy Born Without Brain Stuns Science By Growing It Back

A boy who had just two percent of his brain when he was born has left doctor speechless after defying the odds. Noah Wall’s brain ‘grew back’ over the years, reaching 80 percent when he was just three.

Things looked bleak during pregnancy as it was not just the absence of brain, but he also had spina bifida, which meant he had very little chance of survival. Doctors even asked the parents Shelley and Rob, if they wanted to terminate the pregnancy several times.

Luckily, the parents didn’t want to give up in spite of doctors explaining them the worst case scenario.

“If younger people were offered that choice, they may have felt pressured into taking it,” explained Rob, who also has two daughters with Shelley.

“But because we’re older parents, we know our own mind and we’re positive people. So we wanted to give Noah the chance of life.”

Fortunately, it ended up being the right decision and now the kid is able to do everything the doctors said he wouldn’t be able to, like talk, hear, see, and smile.

While many people believe Noah’s brain has grown back, some speculate whether it had actually just been squashed into a small space and gradually expanded after a shunt was fitted.

“Even if his brain had been so squashed up, he’d be severely mentally disabled because of all that damage and look at him – he’s as bright as a button,” said Rob.

Against the odds, Noah has exceeded all expectations. But it doesn’t end there – in fact this is only the beginning for the family, who have been over to Australia to discuss a treatment called ‘neurophysics’, which is a mixture of physiotherapy and cognitive exercises.

Though, Noah is too young now for the treatment, he is being accessed to make sure he is ready to receive the treatment when he is old enough.

Surely, the kid has some great days ahead and kudos to the parents for hanging in there.


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