Clueless Man Falls Into A Hole After He Mistook It For A Flawless Painting

Art comes in many forms and sometimes it surprises you. But, unfortunately, for this man it shocked him and also injured him after he fell into a gaping hole in an art museum in Portugal. He thought the hole was actually a painting.

The man believed to be around 60, was enjoying the artworks at Serralves Museum in Porto when the incident took place. Although, there were warnings outside the building, he believed it to be a two-dimensional painting and stepped into an eight-foot hole.

He was quickly taken to the hospital for possible back injuries. Meanwhile, the art creator Anish Kapoor inspected his creating with the press.

The hole in the ground is an art installation called “Descent into Limbo” that was created by British sculptor Kapoor. Kapoor interestingly describes his work as “a space full of darkness, not a hole in the ground.”

The hole appears flat since it is painted black from inside. The cross-section of the art shows that the hole is actually round. The artistry intends to allow people have a glimpse into full darkness.

Though we feel sorry for the man, we can’t help but appreciate the brilliant work of the creator who made is so believable.

Watch the video below to know more:


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