Decent Thief Leaves Behind An Apology Note In Wallet After Stealing

This is one such incident where the victim might have forgiven somebody who had harmed him. Though he would have been upset for losing his hard-earned money, the apology letter and the note it had would have calmed him down. Victor Molina lost his wallet and found it back with a written note inside with an apology.

The letter read: “I am sorry. I am not the kind of person who takes other people’s things, but I did not have anything to feed my kids so I owe you the money.”

The wallet was stolen in the city of Casilda, Argentina, with less than $13 inside. It was then dropped off secretly at a local radio station before employees spotted it on the floor, ‘abandoned’ with a note tucked inside.

According to reports, the wallet had all the documents of owner. The father of nine told: “I only had 500 Argentine pesos (£9.50/$12.50) in the wallet so if he took it to feed his children, it was good that this person ended up with it.

“I think the letter is genuine. If he was a bad person, he would have nicked the money and thrown away the wallet. Instead, he returned it and left a nice note. I think it is even possible that he might know me.”

Molina added: “If he really did it to feed his kids then fine, it is not a big deal. He does not owe me anything and we are good.”

People were quick to express their sympathy on social media with one user commenting: “Poor guy, what a tough situation.”

So, what do you think of the thief?


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