Hilarious! Little Boy Goes Mad After Learning His Mom Was Pregnant And He Has Reason For It

The announcement of pregnancy usually brings in joy happiness. The moment becomes precious and people prefer to cherish it. But, a kid was not too excited when his mom said that she was pregnant. In a hilarious video, the young boy could be seen furious after learning the news.

“What were you thinking?” asked the 6-year-old boy, Trey. “Why you have to just get another baby? You just had two!”

Even his facial expression was obvious and indicated that he wasn’t pleased about the new arrival to his home. The boy said: “This is exasperating!.. This makes no sense.”

He asked mom, Shanee, “What kind of baby is that?” and when she said she doesn’t know yet, the boy’s crying became worse. He said that he heard a baby cry at school and it was way noisier than her sister’s.

The boy then smartly asks his mother to get him some earplugs so he wouldn’t be as annoyed when the new baby finally arrives and starts crying.

Watch the funny video below:


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