Man Receives A Surprise Message From His Former Bully It Was The Perfect Start For A New Year

People don’t realize the kind of impact bullying has on victims. Sometimes, it completely ruins the confidence of people and destroys them. However, a few bullies tend to realize their mistake and feel bad about it.

This bully went a step ahead and apologized to the victim which was a nice gesture and also a boost to the victim to start of 2019.

The touching moment was shared by a man when he received a message from his former school bully. Twenty-four-year-old Mina Gerges from Toronto, Canada, shared the message on Twitter which was sent to him by someone who picked on him in school.

The message reads: “Hey man. I just want to apologise for any fucked up things I said to you or about you in high school. It weighs on me. I hope all is well. Cheers.”

Mina was born in Egypt and brought up in Abu Dhabi, before moving to Canada aged 12. He had to put up a lot during his schooling and revealed that he was bullied for his accent, high pitched voice, weight and his interests in art and acting.

Apart from dealing with the country, and culture change, he was also coming to terms with being gay.

He also explained the cruel ways a group used to mock him. Now, years later, Mina is proud of who he is and is an LGBT advocate, but he still hadn’t held any hopes for an apology from his former tormentors.

He told: “At first I was shocked to see this message since high school was almost eight years ago.

“It brought back a lot of feelings I had when I was in high school of trying so hard to belong, getting bullied for being who I am and feeling lonely for not having anyone to talk to about this, and the long journey it took me since high school to love myself despite what these bullies and my culture say about being gay.”

Although surprised, he was more than happy to see the message from someone who was cruel to him growing up had learnt how to be ’empathetic and compassionate’ as an adult.

In case if you are wondering what was the response from Mina, well, he was kind and polite to his former bully. He thanked him and the pair struck up a conversation, with Mina asking what it was that had prompted the message after all this time.

“He told me that it’d been weighing on his conscience for a while,” Mina explained. “And that he’d wished he’d apologised sooner and that even though he can’t undo his actions or their impact on me, that he hopes that owning up to his actions and this apology and will help me heal.

“He also said he was thankful that I accepted his apology after all these years, and that he’s always open to chat more if I’d like to.”

Now, that’s a wonderful story to read, isn’t it?


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