Wanted Man Responds To His Own Mugshot On Facebook And It’s Hilarious

You might have come across a few “wanted” posts on social media and wondered how these people would be feeling after seeing themselves on screen. However, not all look for a hiding place. At least, not the man in this case.

He even had the guts to comment on his own mugshot after police posted it on Facebook. The wanted man even managed to strike a hilarious conversation with the police.

Richland WA Police Department shared a post about Anthony Akers, the 38-year-old wanted man, to which the accused responded and said they wouldn’t be looking for him for too much longer. ‘Calm down, I’m going to turn myself in,’ he replied.

Then the officer chipped in with a witty response and offered a ride when he didn’t show up and reminded him of their business hours.

Akers then thanked the department and said he had ‘a couple loose ends’ to tie up before he stopped by the department since he will be gone for a month. He then added that he ‘should be in there in the next 48 hours.’

The conversation went viral and people became curious. After two days, the netizens were eager to know whether Akers turned up and asked the same to the department. The police informed that he had not.

The police then posted again when he failed to appear as promised. The post read: “Dear Anthony, is it us?” the Richland police asked. “We are beginning to think you are not coming.”

Luckily, the man replied and this time it was even better:

“Dear RPD, it’s not you, it’s me. I obviously have commitment issues. I apologize for standing you up, but let me make it up to you. I will be there no later then lunchtime tomorrow, i know you have no reason to believe me after what i did to you, but I promise that if I don’t make it on my own by lunchtime tomorrow, I will call for a ride to assist me with my commitment issues. Thank you in advance to your response if you are patiently giving me another chance with us, I know I don’t deserve it.

P.S. You’re beautiful.”

Finally, the man did turn up and kept his word this time around. He even posted a selfie that was captured at the police station.

“Here for our date sweetheart,” he wrote.

What’s your take on this hilarious story?


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