Mother Nurses Her Son For 12 Years Before He Finally Came Out Of Coma

The purest form of love any person can receive is surely that of a mother. This is yet another story that proves nothing can match the love of a mother.

A man who was in coma for 12 long years gained consciousness after his mother waited patiently for him, while she looked after him. Wang Shubao went into coma after an accident in 2006. The incident left him in quadriplegic.

Luckily, she had his mother by side, who just didn’t give up. Wei Mingying washed him every day and used to massage his limbs. She also fixed his position so he didn’t get bedsores.

She had to do it alone because her husband passed years ago. She spent all her life’s saving for her son’s treatment. On some occasions, she skipped her meals to balance the medical bills.

Wei’s day started at 5 am as she washes his face then bathes him. She would then feed him and massage her son. But, not for a moment in all those years did the mother complain about her life.

Fortunately, the selfless act paid off as her son finally came out of coma. She noticed her son smiling at her. He had gained consciousness and the first thing he saw was his relieved mother’s tearful face.

However, he still depends on his mom, and surely the mother would never mind. Especially, after seeing her son smiling. In fact, some claim that it is her love that has helped the son come out of coma.

Nevertheless, hats off to this mother and hopefully, she will get to see her son at his best very soon.


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