Poor Kid Pulls Down His Pant After Family Made Him Believe He Was Invisible During Prank

The invisible prank was attempted by many and the victims were embarrassed. But this kid would need some time to get over what he experienced.

The kid’s family did perfect planning which ensured the kid to believe that he was indeed invisible. Sammy, the unfortunate kid who was made to look like a fool by his own family will leave you in splits.

The family made sure the act was well documented by recording the proceedings by sitting down on the sofa beneath a sheet that was being held by the older brother. Once the sheet was lifted, the kid hears the noise from his family members.

The kid doesn’t believe at first, probably because he can still see himself, but then his brother had a picture taken next to him.

He was convinced when he saw the photo without him, which was taken beforehand without his knowledge. The reaction clearly shows that he was completely sold by the prank and ends up believing that nobody can actually see him.

He then goes on to do some crazy things, thinking that his family would not see it. Unfortunately, they were all seeing it.

Watch the video to know how things unfolded:


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