Scientists Believe Deadly Spider Venom Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Scientists think that venom of deadly spider can actually deal with the issue of erectile dysfunction. The Brazilian Wandering Spider, also known as a Banana spider or Armed spider has a bite that can kill people. But experts believe that the venom can ne helpful to treat erectile dysfunction.

The spiders have venom that can cause four-hour long erections in men before they die and it these chemicals that the scientists are claiming to be helpful, in fact they believe it to be more powerful than Viagra.

Scientists created an artificial and refined form of the toxins and put it into a topical gel, which in trials on rodents has been shown to still lead to long-lasting erections without all the dying at the end. Happy days.

The team at Federal University of Minas Gerais produced a synthetic toxin and applied it to mice and rats with erectile dysfunction. The gel resulted in swelling of pe*is of the animals that lasted about 60 minutes.

The study found that the gel had effects over and above Viagra when used in combination. The earlier study also showed no signs of pain or discomfort.

The study’s authors wrote: “Without any stimulation, a swelling of the penis lasting about 60 minutes was seen 20 minutes later.

“This result suggests that it is able to induce erection, independently of sexual stimulation.”

The study concluded that the gel ‘may emerge as a potent new drug that can be topically administered, becoming a promising alternative for erectile dysfunction treatment’.

Study lead professor Maria Elena de Lima, told: “We believe it could fill an enormous gap in the market and help millions of people worldwide.”

Consultant urologist Prof Raj Persad told: “If this ‘potion’ is a potent as described.

“It could be an excellent second line therapy after failed tablet therapy with Viagra-type compounds.”

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