Teenage Pizza Worker Travels Over 200 Miles To Fulfil Terminally Ill Man’s ‘Favourite Pizza’ Wish

It’s so good to see young people being so sensitive to people at times. In this case, it was a teenage pizza shop worker who will be winning your heart.

Dalton Shaffer, who works at Steve’s Pizza in West Michigan, went beyond his job description in order to fulfil a sick man’s wish. He was convinced to travel 225 miles after he heard that the customer was terminally ill.

Rich Morgan and his wife Julie were long time customers of the shop and were planning a trip to the restaurant, but sadly, because of health issues, Rich couldn’t travel.

Meanwhile, Julie’s dad David Dalke, called Steve’s Pizza and informed them about Rich, and hoped that they would receive a card with best wishes. But when Dalton picked up the call, he knew he had to do something special to put a smile on the face of their loyal customer.

He said: “He said that his family was thinking about coming up and grabbing pizza.

“But due to the circumstances they weren’t able to do that.”

He then fired up the pizza oven, made a mushroom and pepperoni pizza, got in his car and then drove over 200 miles through the night, finally arriving at 2.30am to hand-deliver it.

“The family came out, gave me a hug,” Shaffer said. “It was cool. The expressions on their face and everything like that.”

The family tucked into the pizza and then shared the touching story on Facebook where they thanked Dalton for ‘the best pizza in the world’.

Dalton replied to say: “Anybody that is watching this, keep them in mind and pray for them.

“I hope the best for them and I hope the Lord gives them comfort.”

As he arrived in Indianapolis so late the family kindly offered to put him up for the night – it was 2.30am after all – but Dalton refused telling them he had to drive back to make sure he would be in for his next shift, that same day.

The world definitely needs more people like Dalton and let’s take a moment to appreciate this man for his kind gesture.


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