This Zoo Actually Allowed People To Name A Snake After Their Ex

If you are still not able to come to terms with the break-up with your ex and it had ended badly, then this might just let help you ease in a bit. A zoo in Australia ironically offered people to name a snake after their ex for Valentine’s Day.

All that the people who failed in love had to do was fill out a form for Wild Life Sydney Zoo, explaining why your ex is the ultimate snake. However, the zoo had the task of taking a final call.

Then the zoo receives the name of a person’s ex and a donation of $1 to the Wild Life Conservation Fund.

Once the formalities were done, it was the winner who had the chance to shout out to the world that their ex is the namesake of one of the most venomous snakes in the world. The winner can now have the opportunity to visit the snake for free every day for the next year and will also have a certificate.

Meanwhile, one person wrote: “The only good things to come out of having a relationship with a snake would be that you get to support wildlife.”

While another commented like a true hero, describing their ex in as a ‘Massster of Deccception’.

They continued: “He ensssnared a lady from her homeland to ssseek a sssanctimonioussss lifessstyle, and after yearsss of liesss he sssslid away from his promissse to move to Aussstralia.

“Ssserupticiously he also sssnuck an affair with a sssalaciousss hussssssy…a truly ssselfish sssniviling sssnake…”

What do you think of this strange idea?


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