Unbelievable! Filipino Teen’s Ultrasound Reveals She’s Pregnant With A Fish-Like Creature

Kimberly Robles of Manait in Bacacay, Albay, Philippines surprised everyone when her ultrasound showed that she was pregnant with a fish. The 17-year-old started gaining weight with her stomach growing in line with a pregnancy.

With her stomach growing big, her family thought she was pregnant despite her young age. But the teen clarified that she didn’t have any boyfriend and never an affair with any man. The family then accepted the theory that a sea creature had impregnated her.

Filipinos do have certain superstitious beliefs, especially those living in remote areas. When the teenager explained she didn’t have any affair, her grandmother explained a superstition that a woman should never swim in the oceans or in rivers during their menstruation.

The locals in Manait believe that women should stay away from sea for up to five days after monthly period.

However, Kimberly ignored this belief and the family believes that is the reason she is now carrying a sea creature’s baby.

The belief got strong when the ultrasound revealed a fish-like structure in her stomach. When the family went for a second opinion, they got to know that the girl was actually suffering from a large ovarian cyst.

Meanwhile, the doctors dismissed the town’s belief and said it’s impossible for a human to be carrying a live fish in the womb.


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